Q: Which P.A. system is best?

A: There are so many to choose from and many different components that go into a complete system. We can advise on the most suitable equipment your budget can afford.

Q: How many mics and speakers do we need?

A: This depends on the size of your hall/venue. Smaller halls can be run with just a front pair but larger halls will benefit from a distributed system with pairs of speakers running down the sides. Contact us for a site assessment.

Q: How many Watts do I need?

A: This is dependent on your hall/venue size. We supply systems that will be fine for everyday “assembly” use but will also have the power needed for end-of-term productions.

Q: The mixing desk looks really complicated! Is it hard to operate? Do you offer training?

A: Some can be a little daunting to look at but they all work in roughly the same way. We can provide training for you on your existing system and if we are supplying a new system we always have a training session for those who will be using it. If you have our Service Contract we run a C.P.D. training session once a year.

Q: Can I have 2 sets of speakers in different halls running from the same system?

A: Yes you can do this and have separate volume controls for each area (zone). This is handy for distributing background music. In addition to having a centralised control unit, we offer portable systems that can be plugged in where needed.

Q: How robust are your systems given the wear and tear of a school environment?

A: All the components we use in our P.A. installations are high quality products picked from the worlds best brands. In addition, our housing flightcases are bespoke designs with lockable lids to ensure against accidental damage.

Q: Are there lots of cables to plug in?

A: We design your system with “ease of use” strongly in mind. There are usually only 2 cables that plug from our main rack into your wall mounted distribution system and everything is well labelled.

Q: What happens if something breaks?

A: All equipment supplied by us will have the manufacturer’s warranty in place. If something goes wrong and it’s under warranty it will be easy to replace and we can loan you equipment in the interim period. If you have our Service Contract in place there will be no charge for our services in helping you out. In addition, under Service Contract we will fix small/medium components of your system at no cost.

Q: Can we plug our school Ipod/laptop into our P.A. system?

A: Yes, we supply the correct cables for plugging your mp3 player or laptop into the mixer. This allows you to output sound directly from your p.c. into the P.A. for presentations and assemblies, or maybe create a playlist on your mp3 player for the school show and play that through the system to avoid the use of C.D.’s.

Old-fashioned Microphone

If you have any other questions for us please contact us and we will be glad to help.