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Links - PAT testing




Portable appliance testing – your electrical equipment must be regularly checked for faults, learn more







A singing initiative site. A fantastic scheme to inspire all in your school.

Broadie Bakes - exceptional cakes




Amazing scrumptious cakes in Kent

Music & Drama Education Expo





Music & Drama Education Expo – Professional development conference for music education (see our recent post).

Links - The Education People Show 2018



The Education People Show….for people in education.






Industry membership body for technology suppliers.

Links - Ofcom




UK licensing body for radio microphone use.

Yamaha installation




Yamaha professional audio products

JBL installation







JBL – top speakers!

Electrovoice installation




Electrovoice – top speakers!

Denon installation




Denon professional audio products

Tascam professional installation




Tascam professional audio products

Sennheiser installation







Sennheiser Radio mic systems

Trantec installation






Trantec Radio mic systems

Shure installation





Shure Radio mic systems

Amptronic installation




Amptronic Induction Loop systems