Bedford Girls School-

Large installation over 4 separate spaces.

This prestigious school required new sound systems in 4 spaces as part of a summer refurbishment programme that included new lighting systems and acoustic works.

We came up with a hardware solution that could be duplicated in all 4 rooms, giving a uniformity of equipment – essential for changing staff/users and a wide variety of uses.

Central to the control equipment was a Soundcraft flexible digital mixer which could be controlled by either the attached, large, touch-screen monitor, or remotely using any browser enabled portable device, e.g. iPads, laptops etc. This allows the users to not be constrained physically to sitting in the control area, but would allow teachers to be with their pupils and still retain full control over the system. The flexible mixer also allowed us, with each space, to store room ‘presets’ as starting points for teachers with various set-ups. In addition, media playback was provided by CD, USB and Bluetooth plus a hard line to their p.c’s.

Trantec and Sennheiser radio mics complimented each room with booster aerials as required.

Simple, but standard Service Sound installation add-on’s included lockable storage drawers for microphones and documentation, easy identification of cabling and panels and full training.

The Main hall rig included 2*JBL Front-Of-House, stage based, full-range speakers with subs underneath the stage and front-fills for centre coverage. The rear of the hall was covered with a spot pair under the balcony and similar above the balcony. In addition we flew 2 active monitors from  the over-stage lighting bar for artist foldback/monitoring.

The Drama room included 6 flown active JBL speakers to allow for different orientation setups in the room – again, managed by different ‘start-ups’ on the mixer. This was complimented with floor level subs.

The Junior hall sported a new active JBL FOH main pair with spot fills for the rear balcony area.

The Dance class and external foyer area sported a wall mounted rack for the control kit and a tight pair of  passive JBL’s for the main output.