Service Sound – Case study – Medium installation

The Malling School-
Medium installation set in main school hall.

This secondary school required a complete ‘sort-out’ of the existing system in their main hall.

Having appraised their current system, we deemed that the main speakers and associated cabling were in fine condition, but that the control area needed a refresh. They had two different sound systems in place which we suggested we could hone-down to one, fixed system. They also wanted the flexibility of being able to operate the mixer from either the stage or the back of the hall (useful for production audio balancing).

Our solution to this involved using a digital mixer, which, with access to the schools wi-fi, could connect to an app on an IOS or Android portable device to allow users to be anywhere in the hall and control the mixer levels.

We had a custom floor mounted rack built (slightly nicer looking and more functional than the normal ‘server’ rack that is commonly used). Behind the safety-glass, lockable, front door we supplied and fitted the following equipment. A mains distribution system to allow turning on/off of the whole rig with just one button. Two, Bluetooth enabled CD/multimedia players. A 16 channel digital mixer. An existing comms unit for talkback. An 8 channel Trantec (ch.38) UHF radio mic system with ADU’s. In addition we re-housed their existing p.c. and power amp.

We also took an aux feed from the mixer to feed a new pair of powered monitors for stage foldback which we flew over the stage off of their lighting truss.

Installation on site only took two days including training.