Service Sound – Case study – Small installation

Birchwood Primary School-
A small installation in the main school hall.

This school required a new sound system for their main hall.

We provided a portable ‘av’ style equipment cabinet which housed the main control equipment. Behind the lockable door is a simple 8 channel mixer. This controls levels of the 4 radio mics provided and source volume of CD player, p.c. audio and external audio plugging. The rack also contains the CD player, quad radio mic (ch.70) receiver unit. A rack drawer for storage of mics and documentation, and the power amplifier for the speakers. As the hall is a multi-use space, they required the rack to be portable. We included  simple speaker connections so that if they needed to get the rack out of the room it was an easy process. We facilitated this by providing a wheeled, light-weight rack with only 2 cables needing to be plugged in to the wall box to have the system up and running again.

The school required the system to power speakers in two orientations of the hall. For this purpose we installed a simple switcher system to allow either ‘front-on’ or ‘side-on’ use.

We completed the installation on-site in one day (with rack assembly completed in advance off-site). This included dismantling the old system and full staff training.