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Take out an annual Service Contract with us between now and Easter and we will give you a 15% discount on your first year billing. Cost per year is normally £500 (ex VAT)(Larger facilities £800).

Our Service Contact includes……

Service Sound Service Contract

  • Three service visits per year (maximum 9 over the three years)

Arranged at a time and date to suit your needs.

The P.A. system and associated equipment will be checked and tested to ensure it is working efficiently.

Sound equipment in other areas of your school, e.g. CD players, keyboards, musical instruments, speakers, etc., can be incorporated into this contract. A full inventory will be made at the start of the contract listing all items covered.

  • Repairs/faulty equipment

We will undertake small repairs, such as fixing broken cables, at no cost to you.

Faulty/broken equipment beyond repair and out of manufacturer’s warranty can be replaced in agreement with you – cost of the replacement equipment applies but our time is free.

Faulty/broken equipment within manufacturer’s warranty period – we will organise it’s repair or replacement on your behalf at no extra cost to you.

  • Technical help

If you experience technical difficulties or problems between our visits or need to source new equipment, we are here to help.

Telephone or email support is free but should the need arise for us to visit you on site there is a fee of £50.00 +VAT per hour in addition to any equipment costs.

  • Staff INSET/CPD

We will arrange a staff training day once a year, usually September to allow for any staff changes, in order to train/update staff on the correct and safe usage of the system.

Service Sound – Service Contracts::::::::::discount offer::::::::::