What we do……
  • Service Sound - What We DoSupply, install & maintain PA and sound equipment.
  • Fulfil jobs quickly and professionally.
  • Provide training to staff on the correct and safe use of all equipment.
  • Offer a three year service contract to provide regular maintenance (max. three visits per year for three years). This contract includes an INSET/CPD at the start of each school year to train/update staff.
  • Our service contract also covers electronic items within music departments which may need repair, e.g. headphones, keyboards, amplifiers, leads. (This excludes items that need to be sent away for repair or where the repair cost would outweigh replacement).
  • Telephone assistance is also available if things go wrong between visits – we want to help you! (Please see “What it costs” for call-out charges).
Other key areas we cover:
  • Advice on sound isolation and acoustic treatment installation.
  • Induction loop specification and installation.
  • Recording studio specification and installation services.
  • Routing and termination of infrastructure cabling, audio, video, data.
  • System specification and planning, including system diagrams and room layouts.
  • Technical furniture supply.
  • Equipment hardware and software supply, configuration, setup.
  • Bespoke audio cable manufacture.
Example of our installations can be viewed here:

Large installation Case Study.

Medium installation Case Study.

Small installation Case Study.